Transformed By Grace

Transformed By Grace is a weekly television program produced by the Berean Bible Society.  Pastor Kevin Sadler presents the transforming power of God’s grace each Monday at 6pm Eastern time on the Christian Television Network (DirecTV 376, Dish 267, Glory Star Satellite 117) and at 10:30am Eastern time on the ION Plus .3 network and at other times on additional outlets.  Check the station list below to see where you can watch in your area.

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Transformed By Grace on Satellite

Transformed by Grace airs on the Christian Television Network (CTN) on Mondays at 6pm Eastern time, after Through the Bible with Les Feldick.  You can find CTN at the following channels:

  • DirecTV: Channel 376
  • Dish Network: Channel 267
  • Glory Star Satellite System: Channel 117

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Transformed By Grace Podcast

Transformed By Grace is now an audio podcast.  Listen while driving, exercising, doing housework, or any time.  Visit the Transformed By Grace Podcast page.

Transformed by Grace on DVD

Watch episodes again, or share them with friends. DVDs of single episodes and sets of twelve episodes are available in the Video DVDs section of our store.  We also provide a downloadable and printable Transformed By Grace DVD Price List.

Printable Station List and Information

Tranformed By Grace Program Schedule

Broadcast Type / ProviderNetwork / ChannelChannel NumberDayTime
Antenna TV / Streaming / LocalThe Walk TV Network
(after Les Feldick)
(See station list)Sunday11:30am ET
SatelliteWorld Harvest Television (WHT)367Sunday9:00pm ET
Satellite & Select CableEntertainment Studio Network (ESN)281-284Monday9:30am ET
Satellite - DirecTVChristian Television Network (CTN)376Monday6:00pm ET
Satellite - DISHChristian Television Network (CTN)267Monday6:00pm ET
Satellite - Glory StarGlory Star (GSSS)117Monday6:00pm ET
Comcast - ESNComedy.TVHD 1437Monday9:30am ET
Comcast - ESNJusticeCentral.TVHD 1446Monday9:30am ET
Comcast - ESNRecipe.TVHD 1483Monday9:30am ET
Mediacom - ESNMonday9:30am ET
Verizon FiOS - ESNJustice Central186Monday9:30am ET
Verizon FiOS - ESNES.tv558Monday9:30am ET
Verizon FiOS - ESNCars.tv599Monday9:30am ET
Verizon FiOS - ESNPets.tv633Monday9:30am ET
Verizon FiOS - ESNMyDestination.tv674Monday9:30am ET
Verizon FiOS - ESNRecipe.tv676Monday9:30am ET
Verizon FiOS - ESNComedy.tv695Monday9:30am ET
AT&T U-verse - ESNJustice Central166 / 1166Monday9:30am ET
AT&T U-verse - ESNES.tv282 / 1282Monday9:30am ET
AT&T U-verse - ESNCars.tv280 / 1280Monday9:30am ET
AT&T U-verse - ESNPets.tv279 / 1279Monday9:30am ET
AT&T U-verse - ESNMyDestination.tv284 / 1284Monday9:30am ET
AT&T U-verse - ESNRecipe.tv283 / 1283Monday9:30am ET
AT&T U-verse - ESNComedy.tv281 / 1281Monday9:30am ET
DirecTV - ESNComedy.tv382Monday9:30am ET
DirecTV - ESNJustice Central383Monday9:30am ET
Dish - ESNRecipe.tv284Monday9:30am ET
Dish - ESNJustice Central240Monday9:30am ET
DirecTV - WHTWorld Harvest Television367Sunday9:00pm ET
Streaming - The Walk TVThe Walk TV Networkthewalk.tvSunday11:30am ET
Streaming - The Walk
Sanford, NC
SanfordTV.liveSunday11:30am ET
Streaming - The Walk TVKingdom B-cast
Houston, TX
Kingdom B'castSunday11:30am ET
Streaming - The Walk TVIPTV
Kerrville, TX
IPTVSunday11:30am ET
Streaming Online - KMCTKMCT 39
Monroe, LA
kmct.tvSunday11:30am ET
Streaming - Hosanna BroadcastingHosanna Broadcasting Networkhosannabroadcasting.comSunday11:30am ET
Streaming - Family Values TVFamily Values TV Networkfvtvn.comSunday11:30am ET
Please check your local listings. Information is subject to change without notice. Some antenna TV stations may not be available due to low power or out of range.



Transformed By Grace Program Schedule - Antenna TV

AnchorageAKKCFT35Sunday11:30am ET
AlabasterALWAY-TV15Sunday11:30am ET
BerryALWSFG51.2Sunday11:30am ET
BirminghamALWAY-TV47Sunday11:30am ET
CullmanALWCQT27Sunday11:30am ET
FayetteALWSSF48Sunday11:30am ET
JacksonvilleALWEAC34/24Sunday11:30am ET
DothanALWJJN20Sunday11:30am ET
AndalusiaALWKNI25Sunday11:30am ET
MontgomeryALWFRZ34Sunday11:30am ET
El DoradoARKCIB-TV55Sunday11:30am ET
Santa RosaCAKUKR26Sunday11:30am ET
DurangoCOSCTTA14.4Sunday11:30am ET
St. AugustineFLWQXT22Sunday11:30am ET
OrlandoFLWTGL45Sunday11:30am ET
TallahasseeFLWTBC240Sunday11:30am ET
TiftonGALocal AccessCableSunday11:30am ET
AtlantaGAWATC-DT57.1Tuesday11:00am ET
AtlantaGAWATC TOO57.2Sunday11:30am ET
AtlantaGAWEQT9.1Sunday11:30am ET
AugustaGAWBPI-DT49Sunday11:30am ET
SavannahGAWHDS20.5Sunday11:30am ET
SummervilleGAWKSY21.1Sunday11:30am ET
AltonILW50CH50Sunday11:30am ET
Dodge CityKSKDDC-LD23.8Sunday11:30am ET
Garden CityKSKGCE-LD23.8Sunday11:30am ET
LiberalKSKSWE-LD23.7Sunday11:30am ET
SubletteKSKDGL-LD23.5Sunday11:30am ET
UlyssesKSKDGU-LD23.7Sunday11:30am ET
WichitaKSKCTU-LD33.9Sunday11:30am ET
MooreheadKYTV 1010Sunday11:30am ET
CampbellsvilleKYWLCU4Sunday11:30am ET
LouisvilleKYFaith1919Sunday11:30am ET
ScottsvilleKYWPBM31Sunday11:30am ET
CrowleyLAKAGN21Sunday11:30am ET
LafayetteLAKAJN21Sunday11:30am ET
Lake CharlesLAKFAM21Sunday11:30am ET
MonroeLAKMCT39Tuesday6:30pm ET
NatchitochesLAKNTS19Sunday11:30am ET
KalamazooMIWLLA64.3Sunday11:30am ET
JoplinMOK36II-D36Sunday11:30am ET
MarshfieldMOK17FU17Sunday11:30am ET
St. LouisMOKNLC24.2Sunday11:30am ET
BonnevilleMSW34DV34Sunday11:30am ET
BruceMSW07BN7Sunday11:30am ET
FultonMSW39CD39Sunday11:30am ET
PontotocMSW15CG15Sunday11:30am ET
GrenadaMSW13CS13Sunday11:30am ET
CharlotteNCWGTB28Sunday11:30am ET
GoldsboroNCWHFL43.2Sunday11:30am ET
GoldsboroNCWHFL43Sunday11:30am ET
AlamagordoNMKVBA19Sunday11:30am ET
Santa FeNMKCHF10Sunday11:30am ET
Santa FeNMKYNM30Sunday11:30am ET
Las VegasNVKNBX31.5Sunday11:30am ET
Las VegasNVKPVT27Sunday11:30am ET
BuskirkNYWNGN38Sunday11:30am ET
CobleskillNYWUCB41Sunday11:30am ET
OneontaNYWISF15Sunday11:30am ET
UticaNYWVVC40.2Sunday11:30am ET
PomeroyOHWJOS45Sunday11:30am ET
AshlandOHW33BW33Sunday11:30am ET
SanduskyOHWGGN52.2Sunday11:30am ET
LimaOHWTLW44Sunday11:30am ET
DurantOKFBC-TV13Sunday11:30am ET
McAlesterOKFBTN-7676Sunday11:30am ET
SalemORKJWY36Sunday11:30am ET
The DallesORKRHP14Sunday11:30am ET
BeaufortSCWSCG-LD14.3Sunday11:30am ET
CharlestonSCWHDC12.3Sunday11:30am ET
GreenvilleSCWGGS16.1Sunday11:30am ET
AdamsvilleTNW18BL18Sunday11:30am ET
ClarksvilleTNWCKV21.1Sunday11:30am ET
DallasTXUAN47.2Sunday11:30am ET
ParisTXLocal TV 9999Sunday11:30am ET
El PasoTXKSCE38Sunday11:30am ET
LaredoTXKLMV15.2Sunday11:30am ET
AtlantaTXKAQC20Sunday11:30am ET
TexarkanaTXKLFI10Sunday11:30am ET
TylerTXGABC117Sunday11:30am ET
KilleenTXKPLE31.3Sunday11:30am ET
Wichita FallsTXK20LC20.1Sunday11:30am ET
Wichita FallsTXK20DN20.2Sunday11:30am ET
WythevilleVAWJDW35Sunday11:30am ET
Tazewell, RichlandWVWJDG23.1Sunday11:30am ET
Tazewell, RichlandWVWJDW35.1Sunday11:30am ET
CheyenneWYKGSC33Sunday11:30am ET
Note: This list is an estimate. Not all TheWalk affiliates will air our program.

Printable Station List and Information


A Note From Pastor Kevin Sadler

The Transformed by Grace television program of the Berean Bible Society is on the air! For many years, the Lord bore fruit through the ministry of our Bible Time radio broadcasts. Pastor C. R. Stam and my father, Paul Sadler, both faithfully shared the Word, rightly divided, over the airways and many came to see “the fellowship of the mystery.” This is my prayer for these television programs as well, that they would be used by the Lord to help people see the truth of what He is doing today under grace as revealed in the letters of the Apostle Paul.

Transformed by Grace is now airing nationwide on the ION Television Network. We have arranged with our media consultants at New Day Media to start broadcasting on what ION calls their “point 4 network” of stations. These are sister stations of the main ION stations within each market in our list above. New Day Media worked with Les Feldick when Through the Bible got started and they come highly recommended.

New Day Media made us aware of the growth of over-the-air television. We decided to go with mainly over-the-air broadcasts on the ION Plus .3 Network because it allowed us to reach so many areas of the country, as you can see by the list. The combined audience nationwide has the potential to reach over 28 million homes. It is important to understand that these stations are primarily only accessed over-the-air by antenna. The program is broadcast weekly on Mondays at 10:30am Eastern, 9:30am Central, 8:30am Mountain, and 7:30am Pacific.

Please be assured, that the main focus for the ministry of BBS will continue to be to get the Word, rightly divided, out through printed materials. This new ministry is a step of faith out of a desire to help people see God’s message of grace for today. Please pray for the outreach of these videos, and if you feel led by the Lord to give to this new branch of the ministry of BBS, please designate your gift to the “Video Fund.”

Grace to you,

Pastor Kevin Sadler

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