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In the image of God, in a sinless state, the first man dwelt in unbroken fellowship with God, His Maker in the Garden of Eden. The covenant is set forth in Genesis 1:26 to 28. Adam became disobedient unto death, believed the lie and was condemned, was driven from the Garden, in a state of sin, under the sentence of death. Admittedly a great change. A complete change, under entirely new conditions. “Under the curse,” with the promise of the coming Redeemer, Adam found himself, where we should find him, under a new dispensation, and deprived of his rights under the first covenant. But God entered into a new-covenant. Adam was not an Old Covenant or Old Testament character. As to whether or not Adam was a saved man may be a debatable question. But under that same covenant, in which there was the offer of righteousness by faith, without religion, Abel was saved. Seth was saved. Enoch was saved. Enoch was a prophet, and foretold, the coming of Christ with His saints in judgment. Jude 14.