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October 2020

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Pastor John Fredericksen

Presently, we have a four-year-old grandson. He has more life and energy than grandpa, grandma, mommy and daddy combined. Actually, all our... Continue Reading

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Freedom From Anger

Pastor John Fredericksen

Conflict is a part of life. It is inevitable that we will face situations that will evoke the hot emotion of anger within us. When this happens, we're... Continue Reading

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The Gravity of the Situation – Titus 2:7

Pastor Ricky Kurth

Nearly two millennia ago, the Apostle Paul advised young Pastor Titus, "In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine... Continue Reading

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The Greater Works of John 14:16

Pastor J. C. O'Hair

Length: 34:10


How God Uses Weak and Foolish Things

Pastor J. C. O'Hair

Length: 28:39


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Berean Searchlight Scripture Index

Use this form to look up specific verses that have been referenced in the Berean Searchlight. The index currently contains all references from issues of the Berean Searchlight from 1999 through 2020.

We also have an Microsoft Excel file that includes all Searchlight Scripture references from 1953-2019.  Click here to download.

Instructions: Select the book, chapter and verse to look up. If you would like to look up all references to a specific chapter, select All for the verse. To look up all references to a specific book of the Bible, select All for the verse and chapter.

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References to 1 Thessalonians 4:13

43 references found.

If a Searchlight issue is linked in the list below, there is an online version of that issue available on our website. Clicking on the link will open the online version in a new tab or window.

1 Thessalonians 4:13 Page
October 1999 20
March 2000 11
January 2001 15
March 2001 11
April 2001 19
March 2003 4
March 2003 21
December 2003 28
June 2004 20
May 2005 23
April 2006 20
May 2007 18
November 2007 22
January 2008 11
May 2008 24
November 2009 21
October 2010 14
October 2010 15
April 2011 24
October 2011 17
February 2012 22
May 2012 22
October 2012 17
January 2013 22
April 2013 14
October 2013 5
November 2013 4
January 2014 9
June 2014 17
September 2015 25
May 2016 11
June 2016 12
June 2016 18
August 2016 12
November 2017 25
May 2018 25
May 2019 10
May 2019 19
June 2019 23
June 2019 24
September 2020 6
September 2020 7
September 2020 12