Bible Time: Galatians — Volume I

Includes Album

CD 1: Paul An Apostle / Grace and Peace / He Gave Himself For Us

CD 2: Deliverance / A Serious Misunderstanding / So Soon Removed

CD 3: The Gospel Perverted / Don’t Adulterate Grace / An Ordination Certificate

CD 4: I Persecuted the Church / The Profit Motive and the Present Truth / The Revelation of Jesus Christ

CD 5: Traditions and the Truth / The Trouble at Antioch / I Took Titus With Me

CD 6: A Private Conference / A Question of Authority / A Matter of Finances

CD 7: More Trouble at Antioch / The Truth of the Gospel / This One Question

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 21
CDs: 7
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Price: $21.00