Bible Time: Galatians — Volume II

Includes Album

CD 8: The Foolish Galatians / The Father of Believers / The Only Alternative

CD 9: Redeemed From the Curse / A Very Big If / The Crux of the Matter

CD 10: Why God Gave the Law / The Faith Revealed in Due Time / The Law As a Schoolmaster

CD 11: Children of God by Faith / Sonship / A Desire for Bondage

CD 12: The Adoption of Christ / Enjoying the Grace of God / The Fruit of Grace

CD 13: Is Christ Enough or Not? / Grace in Action / The Spirit-Led Christian

CD 14: Restoring the Fallen / Sowing and Reaping / One Reason for Boasting

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 21
CDs: 7
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Price: $21.00