Bible Time: II Corinthians — Volume I

This item has been discontinued. However, these audio sermons are free to download,  or listen online. Bible Time radio broadcast by C.R. Stam.

Includes Album

CD 1: Introduction to II Corinthians / The Corinthians and Us / The Church and the Churches

CD 2: Grace and Peace / Those Doxologies / Affliction and Consolation

CD 3: Paul in Trouble / Christ, God’s “Yes” / A Cause for Joy

CD 4: The Chastening of Sons / Christian Fellowship / Christ’s Gospel

CD 5: A Troubled Apostle / Paul Under Fire / The New Covenant

CD 6: Law and Grace in Contrast / Moses & His Veil / We Faint Not

CD 7: Our Gospel / This Treasure / The Real You

CD 8: Amazing Contrasts / Glorified Bodies / Cause For Confidence

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 24
CDs: 8

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