Bible Time: Salvation — Volume I

This item has been discontinued. However, these audio sermons are free to download,  or listen online. Bible Time radio broadcast by C.R. Stam.

Includes Album

CD 1: Dying For You / Saved Sinners / John 3:16

CD 2: Salvation By Blood / No Respecter of Persons / Five Wonderful Words

CD 3: The Glory of the Cross / Righteousness Imputed / He Gave Himself

CD 4: Grace in an Evil Age / The Hope of Glory / Paul’s First Recorded Sermon

CD 5: The Preaching of the Cross #1 / The Preaching of the Cross #2 / The New Birth

CD 6: Resurrection Life / The New Creation / What God Expects of Us

CD 7: A Lesson From Lot / Two Men Sent From God / Being Born Again

CD 8: The Evidences of Salvation / Perverting the Gospel / Blessing Lost

CD 9: Wisdom in a Mystery / Two Gospels Confused / This Treasure

CD 10: The Jew First / Dead to the Law / The Nature of Saving Faith

CD 11: Peace Through the Cross / Saul the Sinner / The Gospel to Abraham

CD 12: Redeemed From the Curse / The Conversion of Paul / Paul, As a Representative

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 36
CDs: 12

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