Bible Time: The Sermon on the Mount

This item has been discontinued. However, these audio sermons are free to download,  or listen online. Bible Time radio broadcast by C.R. Stam.

Includes Album

CD 1: Lord’s Prayer #1 / Lord’s Prayer #2 / The Beatitudes

CD 2: Sermon on the Mount—To Whom? / Sermon on the Mount—And the Law of Moses / Sermon on the Mount—And Your Finances

CD 3: The Fatherhood of God / The Beatitudes and II Timothy 2:15 / Heaven on Earth

CD 4: Heaven on Earth / Sermon on the Mount—And Progressive Revelation

CD 5: Sermon on the Mount—And Suffering For Christ / Sermon on the Mount

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 13
CDs: 5

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