DVD: Transformed by Grace – Single Episode

Transformed by Grace Single Episode
One episode per DVD

Transformed by Grace is the TV program ministry of the Berean Bible Society. In this 30-minute program Pastor Kevin Sadler, President of BBS, gives clear and practical teaching from the Word of God, in light of the gospel of the grace of God for today, which was committed to the Apostle Paul.

The program is now available to watch online 24/7! Go to our home page and click "Watch Online." Streaming will begin automatically. See the archives for previous episodes and more!

Watch the latest weekly episode of the program online, on satellite, and antenna tv. Please see broadcast details on the Transformed by Grace page.

Episodes 1-48 are currently available. Please select the episode number in the drop-down menu.

1: Unity in Christ
2: One Body in Christ
3: The Apostle of Grace
4: The Gifts of Christ
5: Differing Gifts
6: Everybody’s a Somebody in the Body of Christ
7: The Fullness of Christ
8: You Have Not So Learned Christ
9: The Rapture vs. The Second Coming
10: The Rapture vs. The Second Coming (Part 2)
11: Put on the New Man
12: Eternal Security in Christ
13: Walk in the Love of Christ
14: Walk as Light in Christ
15: Walk Carefully in Christ
16: Spirit-Filled in Christ
17: Transformed by the Resurrection
18: God’s Original Design for Marriage
19: God’s Plan for the Wife
20: God’s Plan for the Husband
21: God’s Will for Children
22: God’s Will for Fathers
23: God’s Will for Employees and Employers
24: The Power of His Might
25: Our Spiritual Protection
26: Knowing the Enemy
27: Our Spiritual Protection (Part 2)
28: Our Spiritual Weapons
29: Boldness in Christ
30: Faithful Ministers in Christ
31: All About the Bible (Part 1)
32: All About the Bible (Part 2)
33: All About the Bible (Part 3)
34: All About the Bible (Part 4)
35: God’s Perfect Book
36: A Survey of the Bible (Part 1)
37: A Survey of the Bible (Part 2)
38: Understanding Your Bible
39: Our Heavenly Inheritance
40: Blessed in Christ
41: Secure in Christ
42: Power in Christ
43: Alive in Christ
44: Grace in Christ
45: What Must I Do to Be Saved?
46: Peace in Christ
47: The Mystery of Christ
48: The Dispensation of Grace


DVDs: 1
Messages: 1
Speaker: Pastor Kevin Sadler
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