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Bible Time: Ephesians

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 31
CDs: 11

Includes Album

CD 1: Introduction to Ephesians / Paul, An Apostle / An Amazing Doxology

CD 2: Grace From the Triune God / Chosen In Christ / The Secret of His Will

CD 3: What God Wishes Us To Know / The Greatness of God’s Power / The Believer’s Biography

CD 4: How and When / The Temple of God / The Revelation of the Mystery

CD 5: The Distinctive Ministry of Paul / Measuring the Immeasurable / The Fullness of God

CD 6: Walking Worthy of Our Calling / The Unity of the Spirit / After Death What?

CD 7: God’s Gifts to the Church / Growth in Grace / One Body in Christ

CD 8: The Ignorance of Unbelief / Christian Conduct / Christian Morals

CD 9: Buying Up the Time / Understanding God’s Will / Be Filled With the Spirit

CD 10: Domestic Relations & the Grace of God / The Bridegroom’s Love

CD 11: The Christian’s Armor / An Ambassador in Bonds

Price: $33.00

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Bible Time: Salvation — Volume II

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 28
CDs: 11

Includes Album

CD 1: David & God / The Mother of Us All / The Father of Us All

CD 2: Paul, the Pattern / The 12 Apostles & Paul

CD 3: Was Paul Boastful? / We Should Have Listened

CD 4: The Wrath of God #1 / The Wrath of God #2

CD 5: Whosoever Shall Call / Growing in Grace

CD 6: The Power of Personal Testimony / 3 Billion Wills & the Will of God / The Word at Work

CD 7: Glory to Come / Our Great Priest / The Promise of His Coming

CD 8: Did Christ Die For All? / Christ Died For You / Faith & Unbelief

CD 9: Fear of God / Three Men in the Book of Psalms / A Faithful Saying

CD 10: True Riches / True Saving Faith / The Indwelling Trinity

CD 11: How to Become a Saint / Abraham & God

Price: $33.00

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Bible Time: Romans — Volume I

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 36
CDs: 12

Includes Album

CD 1: The Greatest Book of the Bible / Good News / There is No Difference

CD 2: The Righteousness of God / The Wrath and Love of God / Without Excuse

CD 3: Mr. Better Than Others / Is There a Difference? / When God Judges the Secrets of Men

CD 4: Religion is Not Enough / What’s the Advantage? / But Now

CD 5: Sinners Counted Righteous / A Seeming Contradiction / The Father of Believers

CD 6: How to Be Sure / The Hand That Receives / Peace With God

CD 7: The Fruit of Tribulation / From Adam to You / Oneness With Christ

CD 8: Just Asking / New Life in Christ / Bury That Dead Man

CD 9: The Secret of a Happy Christian Life / Living Under Grace / Slaves of Righteousness

CD 10: Life in Christ / Married to Another / Don’t Blame the Law

CD 11: Who Shall Deliver Me? / Life in Christ / Life and Peace

CD 12: Debtors / The Sons of God / Waiting for Glory

Price: $36.00

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Bible Time: Salvation — Volume I

Speaker: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Messages: 36
CDs: 12

Includes Album

CD 1: Dying For You / Saved Sinners / John 3:16

CD 2: Salvation By Blood / No Respecter of Persons / Five Wonderful Words

CD 3: The Glory of the Cross / Righteousness Imputed / He Gave Himself

CD 4: Grace in an Evil Age / The Hope of Glory / Paul’s First Recorded Sermon

CD 5: The Preaching of the Cross #1 / The Preaching of the Cross #2 / The New Birth

CD 6: Resurrection Life / The New Creation / What God Expects of Us

CD 7: A Lesson From Lot / Two Men Sent From God / Being Born Again

CD 8: The Evidences of Salvation / Perverting the Gospel / Blessing Lost

CD 9: Wisdom in a Mystery / Two Gospels Confused / This Treasure

CD 10: The Jew First / Dead to the Law / The Nature of Saving Faith

CD 11: Peace Through the Cross / Saul the Sinner / The Gospel to Abraham

CD 12: Redeemed From the Curse / The Conversion of Paul / Paul, As a Representative

Price: $36.00

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Book on CD: Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians

Author: Pastor Paul M. Sadler
Reader: Dave Allen
CDs: 15

The book of Ephesians has been called the Alps of the Pauline revelation. From the summit of this epistle, the reader can behold all the wonders of God’s grace that are often obscured by the blinding blizzards of tradition and the commandments of men. This volume is an expositional commentary that extensively explores both the riches of God’s grace and the riches of His glory. It takes a fresh look at our standing and state from the perspective of the Word, rightly divided.

Don’t have time to read? Have trouble reading? Here’s your chance to listen to the book instead. Dave Allen of Garland, Texas does a fine job of reading this book for you. Great for those long drives or as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Price: $45.00

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