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Books and booklets written and published by authors associated with the Berean Bible Society to help believers grow in their knowledge of God’s Word.
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Booklet: Pentecost – Was it the Birthday of the Church?

Author: Pastor Ken Lawson
Pages: 22

Did the Church, the Body of Christ, begin on the Day of Pentecost? In his booklet, Pentecost, Was it the Birthday of the Church?, Pastor Ken Lawson answers this and many other common questions as he examines the Scriptures related to Pentecost and its significance to God’s prophetic program.

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Booklet: The Confession of Sins

Author: Pastor Ken Lawson
Pages: 36

This booklet is a re-examination of 1 John 1:9, providing a proper view of it, both within its dispensational context in the New Testament and also within the context of the epistle of 1 John itself.

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Booklet: For We Must All Appear

Author: Pastor Kevin J. Sadler
Pages: 18

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Paperback: So Run That You May Win

Author: Rollin E. Wilson, Jr.
Pages: 179

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Hardcover: The Triumph of His Grace

Author: Pastor Paul M. Sadler
Pages: 215

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