Book Set: Berean Searchlight Vintage Editions (8 Volumes)

If March’s issue of The Berean Searchlight has whetted your appetite to read some vintage editions of it, here’s your chance to order some bound volumes of issues from years past.  Times change, but “the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery” is the same yesterday, today and forever!

This set consists of eight hardcover volumes.
Each volume contains 11 issues of The Berean Searchlight.
Select volumes between 1960 and 1988:

Vol.   Year, Mar-Feb
#21   1960-61
#34   1973-74
#35   1974-75
#36   1975-76
#41   1980-81
#46   1985-86
#47   1986-87
#48   1987-88

Please note:
A volume for every year is not available.
Volumes are not sold separately during the sale period.
Individual volumes are available, beginning in April. A price list of volumes in stock can be sent upon request.

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Price: $48.00