Book Set: Galatians and Colossians (Commentaries)

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Galatians - Commentary by C.R. Stam  (reg. $14.50 ea)

Galatians, Law vs. Grace, is a hardcover 329-page Commentary, written by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam, Founder of the Berean Bible Society.

This volume is a comprehensive study on the unique character of Paul’s apostleship and message.  Pastor Stam effectively shows how legalism had sapped the spiritual vitality of the Galatians and the course of action the apostle took to deal with the matter.  A fresh new look at a number of age-old problems!

Includes Scripture Index

Colossians - Commentary by C. R. Stam   (reg. $14.50 ea)

Colossians, The Preeminence of Christ, is a hardcover 256-page Commentary, written by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam.

As the Head of the Body, Christ holds the preeminent position in the Church.  This wonderful truth was a special revelation solely committed to the Apostle Paul.  As we know, Paul was an able defender of the faith.  Perhaps one of the most insidious attacks he encountered was the false teaching of Gnosticism.  Pastor Stam exposes the danger of this heresy and cautions us to beware of those who promote this unsound doctrine today.  Like Paul, may we also fight the good fight of the faith.

Includes Scripture Index




Author: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
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