Book Set: Legacy Collection – Special Clearance

These authors left behind a legacy of grace truth that was meant to be shared. Ask for the free "Legacy Collection," and pay just $5.00 to cover the cost of shipping and handling. While supplies last.

Space in our warehouse is in short supply, so we are offering a special clearance on these titles to make room for more in the coming years.

This collection includes one copy of each of the following titles:

  • Present Peril: The New Evangelicalism by C.R. Stam (paperback)
  • A Christmas Story by C.O. Griggs (booklet)
  • The Dispensations by Hazel Brown (booklet)  SOLD OUT 
  • The Author's Choice by C.R. Stam (hardcover)  Please call for availability
  • Right Division by Maurie Reynolds (chart)
  • Know Your ABC's bookmark
  • Discontinued items:
    • The Institution of Marriage (booklet) by Paul Sadler
    • Single copies of tracts of our choice
Author: Pastor C.R. Stam
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Price: $5.00