Book Set: Revelation, Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4

Get the complete set of commentaries on the Book of Revelation at a discounted price.

Revelation, Volume 1

This 208-page volume covers Chapters 1 through 6 of Revelation. It is essential to proclaim the whole counsel of God, which includes the Book of Revelation. Of course, we must always do so in light of Paul’s letters to the Church the Body of Christ.

Revelation, Volume 2

This 228-page volume has ten chapters that will cover Chapters 7 through 13 of the Apocalypse. In addition to being a verse-by-verse exposition, there are practical applications throughout the writing to help you live a more productive life for Christ.

Revelation, Volume 3

This volume contains ten chapters that cover Chapters 14 through 19 of the judgments of God upon the earth.

Revelation, Volume 4

Written by Pastor Kevin J. Sadler and drawn from the notes of his father, Pastor Paul M. Sadler, this volume contains ten chapters that cover Revelation Chapters 20 through 22.

Revelation Volume 4 completes our series of commentaries on the Book of Revelation.


Author: Pastor Paul M. Sadler
Co-Author: Pastor Kevin J. Sadler (Volume 4)
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