Booklet: Trials and Temptations

Please go here to view and order the special set "Peace for Every Storm," shown in the May 2020 issue of The Berean Searchlight. This set includes one copy each of the following: Paul's Epistle to the Philippians, Are You Secure?, and Trials and Temptations. (Please note: the individual book and booklets are sold at regular price.)

Trials and Temptations, is a paperback 22-page booklet, written by Pastor Paul M. Sadler.

Life is full of temptations!  This little booklet is a practical guide that gives many helpful guidelines on how to avoid the most common pitfalls.  Since everyone is susceptible to trials and temptations we all need to know how to deal with them.  The Christian life is not always a bed of roses; it also contains times that are too painful to think about.  But God always provides a way to escape that we might be able to bear it.

Author: Pastor Paul M. Sadler
Pages: 22
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Price: $2.00