Hardcover: The Author’s Choice

This volume contains Bible study messages from 14 different booklets and "old" Berean Searchlight articles which the writer would most deeply desire to keep in print. They are indeed "The Author's Choice."

These are the 14 booklets contained in this book:

  • Simple As Can Be
  • Unanswered Prayer
  • The Promise God Made To Himself
  • Methuselah and Paul, The Wrath and Long-suffering of God
  • A Simple Solution To a Puzzling Problem
  • Daniel's Seventy Weeks and the Dispensation of Grace
  • Intelligent Beings in Outer Space, An Introduction to the Study of the Angels
  • Not the Gentiles
  • The Threefold Parable
  • Paul the Masterbuilder, And the Other Builders
  • The Apostolic Authority of the Twelve
  • The Unpardonable Sin
  • The Hope of Glory
  • Solomon's Temple, It's Typical Significance


Author: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Pages: 184
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Price: $11.50