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Less expensive than their hardcover counterparts, the paperback editions of our most popular books are nicely bound and easy to read.
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Paperback: Growing In God’s Grace

Author: Pastor John Fredericksen
Pages: 96

The studies found in this book are intended to help any believer grow in their knowledge of key subjects in the Scripture. More importantly, we desire that each reader be assisted in their spiritual growth, considering how the Saviour wants to transform their lives by their yielding to the will of God, as revealed in the Holy Bible. May we begin in earnest a life long journey of growing in God’s grace, and growing up unto Him in all things.

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Paperback: Daily Transformation

Author: Pastor John Fredericksen
Pages: 412

“…As C.I. Scofield wrote in his notes in the book of Ephesians, it is “in Paul’s epistles alone we find the doctrine, walk, and destiny of the church, which is the Body of Christ.”  The truths in these books were written to believers in our present Dispensation of the Grace of God and should therefore be a special focus of study and application….

We welcome you, as you journey with us through the pages of this book, to not only  learn information, but to benefit from examples of faith and failure, and seek to apply God’s Word to every day life.  Together, let’s transition from only studying theories of doctrine, to applying God’s truths in a practical way every day.  May God use these studies to help you find daily transformation.”

—Pastor John Fredericksen

Daily Transformation contains 13-months’ worth of daily devotions. In the devotional book, you’ll find helpful insight into the Word, rightly divided, along with encouragement to be transformed by God’s grace and renewed day-by-day.

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Paperback: God’s Meaning in Matthew

Author: Pastor John Fredericksen
Pages: 528

Finally, a verse-by-verse commentary on the Gospel of Mathew written from a mid-Acts dispensational viewpoint! If you’ve ever been reading Matthew and asked yourself, “What is the meaning of this?” God’s Meaning in Matthew is just what you’ve been looking for!


Price: $25.00

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DVD: Transformed by Grace – Series (Episodes 111-116): Taking a Stand

DVDs: 6
Messages: 6
Speaker: Pastor Kevin Sadler

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