Paperback: Moses and Paul

Here is a simple approach to dispensational truth that should prove both refreshing and helpful to you in your study of the Word of God. Conservatives in general, along with Liberals and Roman Catholics have for centuries considered Paul as simply one of the apostles, entrusted with the same message which the twelve had been sent to proclaim.

Moses and Paul proves from the Scriptures that this is not so. Paul's message and ministry was distinct and separate from that of the twelve. He was committed the doctrine and program for a new dispensation—"the dispensation of the grace of God." The failure to recognize this important fact lies as the root of the confusion which has gripped the Church for so long, and Moses and Paul helps to dispel this confusion.

Where does Moses fit into the picture? Well, that's the very point of the book. Why not order a copy and see for yourself? You'll not be sorry.

Includes Scripture Index

Author: Pastor Cornelius R. Stam
Pages: 86
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