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We have found these resources to be valuable and helpful in understanding the word of God. However, the Berean Bible Society does not necessarily endorse all the views held by these authors.
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Paperback: The Honour of His Name

Author: Sir Robert Anderson

This book deals with various aspects of Christ: The naming of the Lord, the modern use of Jesus’ name, definitions of a Christian, naming of the Lord in the Gospels, Acts, the Epistles, Revelation, irreverent ways of addressing our Lord, and some false views about Christ.

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Paperback: John and Betty Stam (Women & Men of Faith)

Author: Kathleen White
Pages: 128

The dramatic account of one couple’s courage and commitment in the face of communism.

More than seventy-five years after Hudson Taylor’s pioneer missionary work in China, two young Americans, John Stam and Elizabeth Scott, set out for China as missionaries. Bound for work with Taylor’s China Inland Mission, they were married after arriving in the country.

Taylor had been threatened by the infamous Boxer Rebellion, but the young couple faced a new threat at the hands of Communist soldiers. Bravely witnessing for Christ in spite of the violence and fear, they were accused of sedition and cruelly murdered at the ages of 27 and 28. Their courage in the face of death set an unforgettable standard for Christian martyrdom in the twentieth century.

Inspiring and challenging reading about true heroes of the faith.

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Paperback: The Lie — Evolution

Author: Ken Ham
Pages: 168

An eye-opening look at the harmful effects of evolutionary thought on modern culture and religion. Author Ken Ham uses his years of teaching and ministry experience to expose false teaching that is destroying children and families.

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Paperback: The Lord From Heaven

Author: Sir Robert Anderson
Pages: 118

During his many years as a lay preacher and biblical scholar, Sir Robert Anderson wrote many provocative books on the Christian faith. This series of his writings collects five of his most influential and enduring books.

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Paperback: History and Beliefs of Mormonism

Author: Einar Anderson
Pages: 167

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Paperback: One Race, One Blood — The Biblical Answer to Racism

Author: Ken Ham; Carl Wieland; Don Batten
Pages: 176

More than half a century has passed since the horrors of the Nazi racial extermination camps were revealed to a disbelieving world. Yet the battle of ethnic hate and violence remains one of the burning issues of our time. Billions of dollars are spent fighting it. Oprah devotes entire programs to it. Presidents consult civic and religious leaders; everyone seems to be wrestling with the problems of racial prejudice, yet solutions evade us. What does “race” really mean? Are there really multiple races of humans? Where did this concept originate?

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Paperback: Paul vs. Peter

Author: William R. Newell
Pages: 84

Remarks on Galatians 1 and 2

This work shows the distinguishing difference between the gospels preached by Peter and Paul.

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Paperback: The Gospel and Its Ministry

Author: Sir Robert Anderson
Pages: 224

Basic Bible doctrines pertaining to the gospel are discussed including grace, reconciliation, justification, and sanctification.

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Paperback: Redemption Truths

Author: Sir Robert Anderson
Pages: 185

A concise and classic study of the doctrine of salvation. Includes biographical sketch by Warren W. Wiersbe.

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Paperback: Types in Hebrews

Author: Sir Robert Anderson
Pages: 192

An enlightening examination of the Old Testament types found in Hebrews and their practical relevance for today.

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Paperback: Fast Facts on False Teachings

Author: Ron Carlson; Ed Decker
Pages: 256

World-renown cult experts Ron Carlson and Ed Decker combine their extensive knowledge to give readers quick, clear facts on the major cults and false teachings of today. Short, informative chapters contrast the cults’ theologies with the truth found in God’s Word. Readers will discover the key facts on–

  • Atheism
  • Buddhism
  • Evolution
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Satanism
  • And more

Fast Facts® on False Teachings is an easy-to-use resource that provides powerful insights for sharing the biblical gospel with people ensnared by false religions and philosophies.

Price: $11.99

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