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We have found these resources to be valuable and helpful in understanding the word of God. However, the Berean Bible Society does not necessarily endorse all the views held by these authors.
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Hardcover: The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Author: R. A. Torrey
Pages: 784

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is comprehensive, user-friendly and versatile, providing the reader with an essential study tool for private devotions, teaching or preaching.

Complete with over 500,000 Scripture references and parallel passages, this reference work contains the most exhaustive listing of biblical cross references available anywhere. For over a century this unique volume has been an essential tool–for the beginner wishing to be more biblically literate and for the scholar seeking greater depth and breadth of understanding.

– Reveals how Scripture interprets itself on every verse, topic and important word–from biblical promises, doctrines and historical issues to prophecies and their fulfillment
– Supplies lists of verses that shed biblical light on the intent of each passage
– Dates at the top of each page furnish a chronological framework for biblical people, places and events

– Organized according to the order of the books of the Bible, making it easier to locate any reference
– With cross references located in one place, the Treasury is easier to use than Bibles with chain references

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