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These resources come from authors who recognize the distinctive ministry of the Apostle Paul. These items are not produced by the Berean Bible Society, but we offer them for sale for your edification.
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CD: Songs of God’s Great Love and Grace

Artist: Charles L. Nichols
Tracks: 14

This music CD is a collection of classic hymns and songs, sung by Charles L. Nichols, solo baritone. Piano accompaniment by Jenny Keshan. Recorded by Randy’s Recording

Songs included:

1. What Grace is This

2. Great is Thy Faithfulness

3. I Am Not Worthy

4. He Looked Beyond My Fault

5. Complete in Thee

6. My Tribute

7. Love Was When

8. Down From His Glory

9. Redeeming Love

10. O Rejoice in the Lord

11. This Love is Mine

12. The Song of the Soul Set Free

13. He Giveth More Grace

14. Ten Thousand Angels

Price: $11.00

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