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These resources come from authors who recognize the distinctive ministry of the Apostle Paul. These items are not produced by the Berean Bible Society, but we offer them for sale for your edification.
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Children’s Book: Sound Words

Author: LeAnn Beauchamp

Mrs. LeAnn Beauchamp has recently written and designed a Sunday School Workbook for elementary ages. Published by Grace Gospel Publishers in Denver, Colorado, this work will be a welcome companion to First Things First.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Mrs. Beauchamp has found an innovative way to share the good news of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Mystery. Sound Words is an illustrated primer, based upon the alphabet, which introduces our young people to different aspects of the gospel of the grace of God.

Those who work with elementary children will find this material useful for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Camp programs. In fact, Mrs. Beauchamp originally developed these lessons while teaching in these very ministries.


A Bible activity and coloring book for children ages 8 and up. The book is suitable for use in Sunday school or vacation Bible school.

  • From A to Z–Emphasizing salvation and dispensational truth
  • A one-page story for each letter of the alphabet
  • Over 110 pages, wire bound
  • Expanded teaching help
  • Added emphasis on Scripture memorization
  • Lessons, connect-the-dots, coloring, puzzles with answer key
  • Activities all designed to accentuate the truth



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