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These resources come from authors who recognize the distinctive ministry of the Apostle Paul. These items are not produced by the Berean Bible Society, but we offer them for sale for your edification.
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CD: After…

Artist: Dave Wasson
Tracks: 14

After…is the title of this CD of 14 songs that have been sung at conferences and services over the last 20 plus years by David Wasson. The title song “After” was sung by Brother Wasson at Pastor Stam’s memorial service in Chicago. The remaining 13 songs are songs about living life and the assurance of eternal life…about the very real love, mercy and grace offered to you and to me…about God’s providential care for us…about our position in Christ and our song of redemption that even the angels cannot sing! Songs “to the praise of the glory of His grace!” After life’s battles and storms, the last song on this CD is so fittingly titled “Finally Home!” This CD is dedicated to the ministry and loving memory of my parents, Pastor Otis and Ethel Wasson.

Price: $15.00

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