These resources come from authors who recognize the distinctive ministry of the Apostle Paul.
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Booklet: Christianity Is – The Gospel of the Grace of God Not the Gospel of the Kingdom

Author: Robert C. Brock
Pages: 32

“What is Christianity?” To answer this question, another must be asked, namely, “What is Judaism?” This is because the Bible teaches BOTH. The purpose of this booklet is to show what the Bible teaches about both, thereby answering our questions.

Christianity is not Judaism and Judaism is not Christianity. There are two separate God-given systems of worship found in the Bible. It is misleading to attend church and hear the preacher preach Judaism under the guise of Christianity. Christianity is not an outgrowth of Judaism but a new, dynamic revelation of God’s will for this Dipsensation in which we live. Christianity was revealed to the Apostle of the Gentiles, Paul, by the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

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Booklet: The Revelation of the Mystery

Author: Robert C. Brock
Pages: 21

To Paul was given a glorious message of God’s grace to a lost humanity. This booklet has been prepared for the purpose of getting a good look at this gospel of God’s grace.

Outlined under the following headings:

  1. Why it is called The Mystery
  2. Where it came from
  3. To whom it was revealed
  4. Its many names
  5. What it contains
  6. The importance of The Mystery
  7. A Warning

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Booklet: The Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation

Author: Robert C. Brock
Pages: 28

“The following comments on these seven messages to the seven churches are not exhaustive by any means. We want to show how these messages are related to the teachings of the Old Testament prophets and to the earthly ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ to the nation of Israel. In this way, we can see that the Body of Christ, God’s church of this present age, is not in view in these seven messages.” Quote from “The Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation,” pg. 7.

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Booklet: A Biblical Life, Following Paul as He Followed Christ

Author: Dr. W. Edward Bedore
Pages: 61

This booklet emphasizes the importance of following Paul as he followed Christ, God’s will in our lives, and more! It can be used as a personal or group bible study guide.

“…In light of the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ has done all that could ever be done to secure our salvation and eternal destiny, is there nothing for us to do as His faithful servants? What does following Paul really entail?…” (Prologue)

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Booklet: God’s Clock of the Ages

Author: Charles F. Baker
Pages: 60

This study has been designed to give a simple, understandable blueprint of the entire Bible. When one understands the divine plan of the ages, the Bible becomes an intelligible book and God’s great dispensational programs are seen in all of their wisdom and beauty.

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Booklet: The Christian Life

Author: Pastor J. C. O'Hair
Pages: 64

“Truly, next to the joy of experiencing for ourselves the new birth, there is no joy in all this world comparable with the joy of leading a sinner to Christ where he can find eternal life in this almighty Saviour; and then we do want to put something in his hand to guide him. He has the Holy Spirit, the true Teacher, in his heart; and the Bible, his lamp and guide, in his hand, but God expects older Christians to help the new ones on their start, and hence this effort.

May this little booklet be used to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ who was rich and for our sakes became poor that we through His poverty might be rich.”

The Christian Life by Pastor J. C. O’Hair, pg. 2

We will not be restocking this title. Get your copy while supplies last!

Please see the J.C. O’Hair Online Library for articles and audio sermons.

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Paperback: The Teachings of the Grace of God

Author: Robert C. Brock
Pages: 89

This study of the grace of God is a word study dealing with the word “grace” in the Bible. This type of study is a very valuable way of understanding the truth about how a certain word is used by the Holy Spirit in the Bible. This is a comprehensive study of the word “grace,” taking into account all the verses in the New Testament and in the Old Testament where “grace” is mentioned, along with the Hebrew and Greek words used for “grace.” We need to see that there is a gospel of “grace”; an age of “grace”; a throne of “grace”; the riches of “grace”; and all the other aspects of “grace” that are mentioned in the Bible.

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