Two Minutes With the Bible Newspaper Column

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The newspaper testimony which appears below is part of an effort directed by Pastor Aaron Harris. This weekly column is now read by approximately 15,000,000 readers in 730 newspapers across the country.

The first newspaper to accept the column was, believe it or not, the Tombstone Epitaph, Tombstone, Arizona, of historical fame.

BBS has had particularly good rapport with its publishers and editors. Some have written to inform us of the fine response the column has received, while others have requested permission to run the column in their newspapers.

What encourages us most is the prominent spots given “Two Minutes” by so many editors and publishers. One newspaper in Indiana displayed the column week after week in the very center of the Church Page, with all the church ads surrounding it! Others have used other means to give it prominence.

Two Minutes With the Bible is now more than 30 years old and still reaching multitudes that could not be reached in any other way.

The Berean Bible Society is non-denominational in character and its newspaper articles have always maintained a very high standard. We never attack other faiths but present the answer to questions that people are asking today, and these short but concise articles will be instrumental in helping to answer their questions.

We are confident that having read Two Minutes With the Bible you will see why so many editors already publishing them write us that a great number of their readers look forward to reading these articles every week. The Berean Bible Society will be more than happy to furnish you, at no cost, weekly articles for your Church Page.

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